The Congenital Heart Walk series directly supports the mission of The Children’s Heart Foundation: to fund the most promising research to advance the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of congenital heart defects (CHDs). The 2020 Congenital Heart Walk series will raise critical research funds in 27 cities around the U.S., bringing together 15,000 walkers, hundreds of teams and thousands of donors in the fight against CHDs. Come join us for the walk, family-friendly activities and entertainment, and the chance to strengthen our community. With your help, we are Placing Children at the Heart of Research.

There are so many great cities we are unable to make it to this year, but you can help us raise critical funds wherever you are by participating in a Virtual Congenital Heart Walk!  How does it work?
You can participate anywhere you choose – joining an official February Heat Month Walk or hitting your gym, a hiking trail, local 5k race, your favorite park. Wherever you are and however you participate, you can join us as we walk to raise money for the most promising congenital heart defect (CHD) research. You’ll also be eligible to earn all of our individual incentives, to be unveiled soon! After you’ve viewed our incentives, download our 15 Fantastic Fundraisers and our Team Captain Success Guide to support your fundraising efforts! Happy walking and fundraising, and thank you for Placing Children at the Heart of Research!

    Photo Credits

  1. Happy Days Photography by Leanne Patrick
  2. Remy K Photography; Inset photos from upper left: Jim Francis, Spector Photography, Fidel Boamah, Shinbone Photography
  3. Jim Francis
  4. Wes Brooks; Inset photos from upper left: Fidel Boamah, Christy Brothers, Remy K Photography, Jake Pakosta Photography