2022 Oklahoma Congenital Heart Walk

Team Elsie

 At our daughter Elsie's 20-week anatomy scan, we learned she had a serious congenital heart defect (CHD). A few weeks later, we met with a pediatric cardiologist who diagnosed Elsie with Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome; the right half of her heart hadn't developed correctly.


Our doctors' came up with a plan for a series of three open heart surgeries in Elsie's first few years of life, and other parents told us about their heart warriors who were thriving.


During those terrifying few months, our doctors were able to give us so much hope. We truly believed that CHD research and advancements meant that our precious little girl would live a full life.


Elsie was born on April 28, 2021. She loved holding hands and listening to stories read aloud -- her favorite was "The Poky Little Puppy."


During her first week of life, our strong, brave little girl exceeded everyone's expectations. Her doctors constantly told us that they were surprised at well she was doing.


Unfortunately, everything changed on May 5, 2021, and Elsie died in our arms. Her life was tragically short, but it was filled with so, so much love.


Because of her, we want to raise money for continued CHD research to give other parents the hope that we felt after her diagnosis.  We want to raise money so that someday other heart parents won't have to say good-bye.

 - Katie & Dustin

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