2022 Houston Congenital Heart Walk

Team Legendary Liam

Our team is raising funds for congenital heart defect research - join us!

Why give? Congenital heart defects are the most common birth defect in the nation, impacting ONE in every 110 babies each year. The Children’s Heart Foundation exists to make sure these babies - and everyone impacted by CHDs - live long and healthy lives. Because of research, today there is greater hope for babies born with, and adults living with, congenital heart defects.

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Our Story

At what I thought was a routine 20 week fetal ultrasound in 2014, we were met with uncomfortably long pauses, the tech and specialist reviewed the footage multiple times and concentrated on the area of the heart the most. I knew something was wrong, but we were told to please come back in 2 weeks when baby was bigger and they could get better pictures of our son Liam’s heart. Even though I had a nagging feeling and I could tell they weren’t ready to share what I now know they already suspected, I convinced myself they just needed better pictures.  At 22 weeks we were officially told that they believed Liam had Tetralogy of Fallot.  To say we were devastated and scared would be an understatement.  Before we knew it, our care was transferred to Texas Children’s Hospital and our lives would change forever.  

Over the next couple months we would try to learn everything we could, every potential outcome and other feared complication associated with this type of congenital heart defect.  If I could go back, I would absolutely tell myself to give it to God and not to worry another minute.  Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t let go of the fear of the unknown and what was to come.  Eventually you have to, but hindsight is always 20/20. 

In September of 2014, Liam would be born as a “pink tet” and considered “textbook.” It was the best outcome we could have and he was beautiful and perfect in all other ways, but his heart would require life saving open heart surgery performed by the skilled hands of a world class surgeon.  This intervention ultimately happened much earlier than expected at 2 months after birth.  Liam battled after surgery and spent approximately 30 days in the hospital. A longer stay than usual, due to complications. There were many ups and downs we went through as a family and at some points, couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.  But through faith, advocacy for Liam, and God by our side, he made a full recovery.

Fast forward to today and Liam is a thriving 7 year old who has a warrior spirit that I always say was forged in the fires of an operating room.  He is resilient, and strong willed, someone who faces each challenge as they come. Liam plays little league baseball, takes karate, and has a 14 year old brother and 4 year old sister, Coby and Everly.  In addition to his OHS, Liam had a pacemaker installed, but has done so well over the years, it was removed last summer while the o.r. staff jammed to Liam’s favorite song, “Sunflower” by Post Malone.  Liam is our sunflower; bright, vibrant, energized by the world around him, and the world is a more beautiful place with him in it. 

Though we never know what the future holds, we are committed to being a part of his CHD journey and to bring awareness to help others who face the same challenges today and the families who will face them in the future.

**Raising funds for congenital heart defect (CHD) research is not only critically important to all babies born with, and children and adults living with CHDs, it is also personally meaningful to me.

By donating to help me reach my fundraising goal, you’re helping to fund the most promising research into CHDs - America’s most common birth defect.

Together we can make a life-saving difference! Thank you in advance for your support.

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