2022 New York City Congenital Heart Walk

Our first official walk 2021
Our first official walk 2021

The Heart Beats

This is our 2nd annual walk for CHD. For those few close friends and family that have been with us thru this journey, thank you!!!! For those that don’t know why this is such a important cause I’ll explain. 

At 20 weeks pregnant, we were told that our baby would be born with a Congenital heart defects called tetralogy of fallot. Nothing could prepare you for that, and of course the first thing that runs they your mind is will my baby die? We went to all the appointments and were told he would need to be monitored at birth in the event interventions needed to be put in place. When Eser was born he was perfect but his heart was broken. He had a ballon procedure on day 5 of life. Then at day 10 he had another intervention with a stent being put in. We were sent home and at 2 months, they said he would need heart surgery. The month that he was in the hospital was the worse time of our lives. No one can prepare you for the trauma and stress and everything that comes with knowing your babies life is in someone else’s hands. Thank god for Cohens Children’s hospital because they were amazing and took care of all of us. Our surgeon Dr. Meyers was wonderful and now that Eser is turning 2 in January, we cannot be more happy. 

The struggle is ongoing, we had to go back. We found out his lung artery was not working as it should and had to have another stent placed in on March 10, 2022. We are told we just need to keep going to follow up appointments to make sure everything is going good. 

The reason all this was possible is the advancements made from This organization and the research that has been done. It’s so important we keep it going because we are not in the clear and we will need help again in the future. Our baby is a heart warrior and all that is possible because of the medicine!!! 

Please help support this amazing cause because This is impacting ONE in every 110 babies each year. The Children’s Heart Foundation exists to make sure these babies - and everyone impacted by CHDs - live long and healthy lives. Because of research, today there is greater hope for babies born with, and adults living with, congenital heart defects. 

Help us reach our fundraising goal by making a donation today. You can also become a member of our team and join us at the walk!

Thank you in advance for your support!

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