2021 Chicago Congenital Heart Walk

Billy's Demolytion Squad

We are walking to support The Children's Heart Foundation, an organization that has given Billy the greatest gift he could have ever received and will ever receive--LIFEIndeed, if it were not for CHF's generous funding of a research study making his second open-heart surgery possible 22 years ago, there's a good chance he might not be here to walk with us. Please take a minute to watch or read Billy's story here:



But what if I don't have a minute and only have exactly 17 seconds? Well then, here's the tl;dr version of why we need your help:

While Billy is lucky to be one of the people born with a congenital heart defect (#CHD) who is now able to live a healthy life, there are millions more children out there worldwide for which this may not be the case without desperately needed research into these issues like that which miraculously helped save Billy's life only a short while into it.

This is where you come in and why we am asking for your support as we walk on June 12 so that the millions of #CHD kids out there can grow up and participate in this walk too!

Please help us pass on the gift of LIFE to millions of kids born like Billy!

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