2021 Hershey Congenital Heart Walk

Team Lucas

I believe in science, medicine and research and that it will get us there. It will get us what we need to conquer this disease, this number one birth defect, one in one hundred defect, Congenital Heart Disease. But funding is needed. This walk, this will help! The funds go to research for this nasty disease that so many are dealing with past, present and future. 

We will walk for Lucas, in honor of Lucas, our number one survivor, but there are so many other fighting everyday. Right now, in the hospital-undergoing a life-saving procedure, or a family learning their baby has a CHD, not even knowing what a CHD is. We will walk for them as well. We will walk for the Heart Warriors that are walking with us, those who can't be heart, and we will walk and honor those that are now lost and are Heart Angels. 

Lucas has had his fair share of tough times-4 open heart surgeries, a litany of procedures and tests, new diagnoses in so many different systems, but he has taken this is stride and wants to help others in his position. He is doing so well, he is able to do this walk and can't wait for it. But we all need your help--especially Lucas. The research that is needed can help him in the future to avoid open heart surgeries! 

Please consider donating to such a worthy cause and getting TEAM LUCAS to it's goal!!!

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