Virtual Congenital Heart Walk

Team Piper Joy

Welcome to the first annual {virtual} 5K in honor of our beautiful heart warrior     P I P E R  J O Y!!!

As you all know, Piper was diagnosed at our 20-week ultrasound with TGA (Transposition of the Greater Arteries). TGA is a CHD (Congenital Heart Defect) in which the aorta and pulmonary artery are transposed or reversed. This causes oxygen-poor (blue blood) to be sent to the body instead of the lungs and oxygen-rich (red blood) returns to the lungs instead of going to the body. All children born with TGA will require open heart surgery, in which the surgeons perform the ‘arterial switch’ and move the coronary arteries.

CHD is the most common birth defect. Nearly 1 in 100 babies will be diagnosed with CHD each year, which is roughly 40,000 children in the United States alone. Of those diagnosed with CHD, 25% of them will need open heart surgery or some other type of intervention to survive. Although it’s extremely important to know that there is no “cure” for CHD. It is a lifelong disease that will require ongoing specialized care.

We’ve made it our mission to spread CHD awareness whenever and wherever possible. Until Piper’s diagnosis we were completely unaware of the CHD world… it’s prevalence, it’s heartache and its ever-powerful love and support from other CHD families. We invite you to celebrate our warrior with us in celebration of her first “Heartiversary” (anniversary of her open heart surgery). Beyond the shadow of a doubt we would have not made it through those trying times without the love and support from each and every one of you. So we thank YOU and encourage you (wherever you may be) to join us in the fight to spread CHD awareness and celebrate P I P E R!

“If you want to earn the title of being called a warrior, you have to go through the battle. You have to go to war.”  

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