Detroit Congenital Heart Walk

Mrs. A & Mrs. Bs

Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting my page! If you know me, you know that Heart Walk day is truly one of my favorite days of the year! Although we will not be able to gather in person this year, I am so excited to participate virtually! Raising CHD awareness and funding CHD research is extremely important to me. I am so appreciative of the research that is being funded by The Children's Heart Foundation, and I am beyond appreciative of my family and friends who continue to support me, and my fellow heart warriors, each and every year. Please join me on September 26th by putting on your heart walk shirt (let me know if you need one!), walking around your neighborhood, park or city, and sending me pictures and videos along the way! Thank you so, so, SO much! GO TEAM MRS. A & MRS. Bs!!! xoxo, Cortney

My Story

When I was two months old I was diagnosed with complex congenital heart disease; I was born with several complex heart defects. In basic terms, the right side of my heart was underdeveloped and, therefore, it is said that I live with half-a-heart. I went through four heart surgeries between the ages of two months old and eight years old. One of the surgeries I had was called the Fontan procedure. This life-saving surgery was a new surgery at the time. Children with my heart defects who were born before me did not survive. Thankfully, the Fontan procedure has allowed me to live an extremely full life.

Although the Fontan procedure truly saved my life, it is by no means a cure. In fact, doctors are finding that as Fontan patients get older, their heart pressures are increasing, which is negatively impacting their hearts and livers. In 2009, I began experiencing heart arrhythmias (atrial flutter) which was caused by my Fontan anatomy. I continue to experience these arrhythmias today. In 2011, I was diagnosed with F4 liver cirrhosis, which was also caused by my Fontan anatomy. This basically means that my liver function is worsening more and more every moment of every day. As of right now, there are no non-invasive options out there for me.  

The only option left to help save my life is a heart and liver transplant. This is beyond scary for me, and this is beyond scary for my family. However, I also want you to remember that I am just one person living this nightmare. My fellow heart warriors and I need research to happen immediately. Research has not come far enough for us yet. With The Children's Heart Foundation, and your support, I am beyond excited to help change that. Go Team Mrs. A & Mrs. Bs!!

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