New York City Congenital Heart Walk

Sweet Scarlett and her warrior scar
Sweet Scarlett and her warrior scar

Scarletts Heart

After a couple long years of battling infertility and finally getting pregnant, Scarlett was diagnosed when we were 20 weeks pregnant with Tetralogy of FalloT and Absent Pulmonary Valve Syndrome. Some doctors thought ending the pregnancy would be best, but after lots of testing, genetic counseling and other opinions we made the decision to fight for this child. 
We were warned she may not Be breathing When she is born, but after a beautiful snow squall in NYC she was born at 8:27pm on December 18th...breathing. She needed a little support but was doing well before her open heart surgery at a 1.5 days old. It was torture seeing her in the state she was. We couldn’t hold her for the first week of her life. She recovered well after almost a month and we got to bring her home. At 2 months old it was discovered that she needed her next surgery. She had a cath surgery to balloon her arteries for now. Since then she has been stable and we just sit and wait until the doctors say it’s time for the next surgery. She is a warrior through and through. At just 9 months old she has been through more than most of us adults. She will have continuous monitoring throughout her life and will need several more surgeries (atleast that we know of). We just enjoy every moment and pray. She along with all the other warriors and angels deserve knowledge. Research is so important and that is why we ask for your donation. Let’s help continue to give all these kids the best fighting chance. 


Our team is raising critical funds for congenital heart defects! Congenital heart defects are the most commonly occurring birth defect, affecting approximately 1 in 110 babies born, or a child born every 15 minutes. Congenital heart defects are the leading cause of birth-defect related mortality.

Funded research is making a very big difference in the lives of CHD patients, helping to reduce incidences and increase survival, longevity and quality of life. Research has made a very big impact, and with survival and longevity increasing, even more research is needed to help address lifelong challenges that CHD patients will face. Every dollar in support of The Children’s Heart Foundation helps to further their mission: to fund the most promising research to advance the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of congenital heart defects.

Please support our team, join us for the Congenital Heart Walk, or both!

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