Portland Congenital Heart Walk


Thank you for visiting Team WONDERHEART’s fundraising page. We are excited to be walking (virtually this year) for the Portland Congenital Heart Walk and we would love for you to join us!

Raising funds for CHD research is critically important to all Heart Warriors and Heart Angels, and personally meaningful to us. Last summer our boy, Milo Leif, was born with a complex single-ventricle heart defect. Because of the advancement of research and treatment for congenital heart defects (CHDs), Milo received medical and surgical interventions immediately after birth. Without these, he would not have survived. 

We formed Team WONDERHEART because:

We WONDERed…What will he be like right after birth?

To our surprise and WONDER he was safely delivered, weighing in over 8 pounds, and with a strong cry; the most handsome boy we’ve ever seen

We WONDERed…What will the first 6 months of his life be like?

In reality, it was much like the medical team predicted, but harder than we could have imagined. Milo underwent his first open heart surgery, the Norwood, at 9 days old. We lived at the hospital, about 80 miles from home, for 11 weeks and brought him home for the very first time just shy of 3-months-old. Over the next 6 weeks we returned to the hospital for his first heart cath and then second open heart surgery, the Glenn, when he was 4-months-old. This time was very tenuous and scary. And he has survived and thrived. We are in WONDER everyday at how in spite of his “half-a-heart”, it faithfully beats for him every minute of every day.

We WONDER…What will his future look like? When will he need the next stage of surgery (the Fontan) and how will his body adapt to the changes? How long before he begins experiencing the predicted side effects of the Fontan (gastrointestinal, liver, and lymphatic disease). Will there be new procedures and treatments available when he needs them?

Milo, like many children with CHDs, is medically complex and we continue to have a lot of wonderings. And everyday we are experiencing the WONDER of his life and the lives of so many Heart Warriors and Heart Angels fighting alongside him. We WONDER at the incredible minds and research that have saved his life many times over already. At the innovation, risk-taking, and dedicated work that has led to adults now in their 20s and 30s living with hearts similar to his. And we WONDER what the future could hold with funds directed towards critical CHD research.

Please support our team, join us for the virtual Congenital Heart Walk, or both!

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