Chicago Congenital Heart Walk

Sweet Girl and Friends

Team Sweet Girl is BACK for 2020!

Our Sweet Girl is SEVEN and is rocking first grade. While we know she is never cured, she is making the most of every day and year by swimming, dancing, learning martial arts and gymnastics, and enjoying musical theatre. She loves math, reading, writing, owls, and has the best imagination!  She is even nice to her little brother sometimes.  CHD research is why our Sweet Girl enjoys such a typical life. 

But someday, she will reach the limits of available research.  The Fontan circulation that keeps our Sweet Girl enjoying life has known complications to the liver and kidneys.  Her Fontan will fail and then she will either need a transplant (which has its own problems) or worse.  

We know times are challenging for many, and there are many important causes to support. But if you are able, PLEASE help us fund CHD reserach by joining or supporting our team. Research saves lives and your support could save our Sweet Girl's life! We would be ever so appreciative for your support. 

So please:

(1) Register for our team! We will be walking virtually in August, so you can join us from where ever you live!

(2) Donate to our team

(3) Share our page and let your friends and family know that funding CHD research is important to you, too.

THANK YOU for supporting our family and our Sweet Girl!

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