2021 W. Michigan Congenital Heart Walk

Team Breck

Meet Breck.  Our Precious, crazy cute and ridiculously WILD 5 year old Heart Warrior!!


Breck’s story dates back to before he was born. At our 20 week ultrasound we found out that we would be delivering a baby boy with a congenital heart defect. We were sent to the CS Mott (University of Michigan) Children’s Hospital where we had a fetal intervention, which is a heart procedure through my belly, through Breck’s chest, and into his tiny heart to balloon his aortic valve. A scary procedure that worked, and helped Breck continue to grow and develop while he was in the womb. At 35 weeks Breck was born with aortic stenosis, mitral valve stenosis, and poor left ventricle function. He had two open heart surgeries when he was 1 month old and many procedures after that. Bringing us to his third heart surgery that was scheduled for April 2019. He went in for surgery to replace two of his valves that were no longer big enough for him as both he & his heart have grown quite a bit since he was a 1 month old. The aortic valve that they placed was a (new valve called the cylinder valve) it doesn’t have a lot of research but it meant a normal life with no blood thinners afterwards. He actually was the 2nd kiddo in the world to have it at 1 month old and it worked like charm for three years! This time however, the heart valve tore 2-3 weeks after surgery and Breck went in for his 4th open heart surgery and tragically onto ECMO the day following his 4th open heart surgery. While EMCO is an amazing thing when you need it, you truly never want to see your kid on ECMO, it’s the last ditch effort to save a child’s life or to give them the break when they need to fight! After about 5 hours on ECMO, Breck went in for his 5th open heart surgery after it was identified that the new cylinder valve broke for a second time. This time the surgeon had chosen a mechanical aortic valve which means a lifetime of blood thinners, however a widely used valve that has significant success. Without knowing his story, you would look at Breck and think he was a typical 5 year old. He is fun, adventurous, happy, and best of all, a cute little stinker ;) Without the advances in medicine, our Breck would not be here. He is the 2nd kid in the world to receive a handmade cylinder shaped mitral valve and a child that made it through a fetal intervention in the womb that was unheard of 15 years ago. Thank you for reading about Breck’s story and raising awareness for all the Congenital Heart warriors and angels!

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