2021 Denver Congenital Heart Walk

Maverick's Angels

Our team is raising critical funds for congenital heart defects! Congenital heart defects are the most commonly occurring birth defect, affecting approximately 1 in 110 babies born, or a child born every 15 minutes. Congenital heart defects are the leading cause of birth-defect related mortality.

I never thought something like this would affect me but here we are;

During our 20 week ultrasound for our second pregnancy we were met with horrific news. Maverick was diagnosed with critical congenital heart disease, specifically he had a single ventricle heart and heterotaxy. The defect(s) to his heart were so rare that the Fetal Cardiologist had only seen it one other time.

Ultimately, we lost him on January 24th. I gave birth to a beautiful, perfect little boy and we were so blessed to spend 10 minutes with him before he passed away.

Maverick took huge pieces of our hearts with him, but we are determined to use what remains to keep his memory alive.

So I ask my friends and family to please join us, August 22, 2021 to walk in Maverick’s honor. I am selling T-shirts through Custom Ink to help raise money for the walk AND have team shirts to walk in. There are family friendly activities planned for afterwards, so children are more than welcome. If walking is not your thing and you have the means, please consider donating to my team (Maverick’s Angels). If you decide to join my team, please do so on my TEAM page for Maverick's Angels. 

**Additionally, and most importantly, we are asking everyone that buys a shirt to please participate in 10 minutes of something good for your heart. Maverick's heart beat for 10 beautiful minutes outside of my body and it is a lovely reminder for us all that we are alive in those ten minutes! If you do participate, please send me a picture of you in your shirt so I can post it to my team page! **
Though Maverick is a Heart Angel, he will make an impact on this world.

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